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  • 23 Beginner Blogging Tips to Get Better at Blogging (Fast) September 27, 2023
    That list is on this page. Try these blogging tips to become a better blogger and attract the loyal following you deserve. Blogging tips for beginners Establish a niche for your blogChoose a blogging platformKnow your audienceCover popular search topicsCreate…Read more ›
    Si Quan Ong
  • The SEO Tutorial That Even Your Mom Would Understand September 27, 2023
    New technical terms. Endless tasks to complete. And worst of all, SEOs can’t seem to agree with each other. It was frustrating for me when I started, and it must be frustrating for you too. But the reality is that…Read more ›
    Si Quan Ong
  • How to Check Google Rankings: 3 Fast & Accurate Ways September 26, 2023
    Never do that. It won’t be accurate because Google personalizes search results by things like your location, language, and device. Even using an incognito or private tab doesn’t fully solve the problem. To check rankings accurately, you need to use…Read more ›
    Si Quan Ong
  • Dear BrightonSEO, You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby September 22, 2023
    Here’s my breakdown of September’s event and why I think it’s come a long way since its humble beginnings in a room above a pub. OK, I know what you’re thinking: The U.K. is not the first place you think…Read more ›
    Chris Haines
  • What SEOs Really Need to Know About JavaScript SEO September 21, 2023
    The reality of the current web is that JavaScript is everywhere. Most websites use some kind of JavaScript to add interactivity and improve user experience. Yet most of the JavaScript used on so many websites won’t impact SEO at all.…Read more ›
    Patrick Stox

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