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Search Network

Text ads that appear on top of Bing search results

Shopping Campaigns

Vital if selling products online

Display Network

Through rich media, video and interactive ad formats, Bing display ads help you connect with potential customers using Microsoft products every day like Skype,, MSN, Xbox and Windows


Bring visitors back to your site by showing them display ads on other sites they browse for days or months after their initial visit

Yes, People Still Use Bing

Bing currently has about 21.6% of the search market, which is too much to ignore.

Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini both represent a way to reach even more interested potential customers and lead them to your website. As a Bing Ads Accredited marketing agency, Magno-Biz can determine the best way to reach your target audience the moment they are searching for a provider like you on Bing.

While you won’t get the volume of traffic from Bing Ads that you do from Google AdWords, our customers often find it still drives conversions, and often at a lower cost. Bing Ads can be run on their search network via retargeting or through shopping or mobile-focused campaigns, which all leverage billions of data points to target interested audiences, reach them across screens and drive them to your site.

Bing Ads Partnership

Let’s discuss if Bing Advertising is right for your business.

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Bing Campaign Types

We help you understand which campaign types are right for your business.

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